Juan Fernando Calderon

        Juan Fernando Calderon is an Ecuadorian native currently completing his 5th year Masters in Architecture at Drury University as well as a Minor in Graphic Design arts. In 2010 he moved to Springfield to pursue his architectural studies as well as to gain experience in his desired field. His interests focus in urban design, sustainability, and humanitarian architecture to advocate a more inclusive and conscious design for the people with most needs. Juan Fernando has gained experience working in different firms in the US as well as in his home country trying to engage with different building methods and design techniques to learn as many skills as possible and apply them in Ecuador.

        Juan Fernando loves traveling around the world, meeting different cultures, visiting exotic places and gaining as much understanding of our surroundings. As an active person, he includes in his hobbies playing tennis, soccer, and outdoor sports. In his free time, he loves to spend time with his friends and family. Since he was a child, he has been involved in community service projects, which has lead him to become more conscious of the needs, especially in education, in the world we live in. This was one of the reasons that brought him to For Burkina, together with his current thesis research project involving education and social inclusion in Ecuadorian slums. He hopes that with his knowledge and experience, he can help change the lives of the children in developing countries around the world through a more conscious design.