An Economical Solution


In Burkina Faso, only 26% of the population are considered literate. A primary school archetype was designed for a client who builds schools in rural parts of Burkina Faso + Mali, Africa. Building in these arid and remote areas presented unique challenges. The construction of the schools are limited to handtools and a welder powered by a generator. Consideration for construction methods were as important as the design of the school, and will provide the local builders with the knowledge to further develop their communities. The school had to remain within a budget of $16,000 for material cost, and within the guidelines of the Ministry of Education in Burkina Faso.With the goal of providing a dignifying school design that responds to both the culture and climate of Burkina Faso + Mali, the team embarked on a journey that will lead to them helping construct the first of their design in October 2015.