Ben Hall

Director of Business Initiatives 

As a Board of Directors member, Benjamin Hall serves as the Director of Business Initiatives for the For Burkina team. He co-founded For Burkina out of a desire to bring attention to both the need for and the power of social design. With an entrepreneurial mindset, he is continuously looking for ways to improve all facets of For Burkina. As a self-proclaimed design snob, he believes that with even the most mundane material palette, a structure can be as beautiful as it is functional.  

Benjamin served seven years in the United States Air Force while attending Drury University’s Hammon’s School of Architecture. He now works for Sapp Design Associates as an Architectural Designer where most of his work has been in the field of education. He is a curious individual who is always asking questions of which the most often asked being, “what if we did it this way?” This constant state of curiosity drives Benjamin to seek out new solutions which makes him well suited for the position of Director of Business Initiatives.