Abigael Weller

Abigael Weller hails from the Inland Empire State, commonly known as Illinois. Born in Peoria, IL, she grew up with a love for space and the extraterrestrial, but during the summer of 2008 Abigael went on a weeklong volunteer service with her church. After seeing the awful living conditions of low-income families in her town, she knew she wanted to do something to make a change - whether in her hometown or across the world. She still has a love for space, but it’s a bit different and now incorporates form and order. (Thanks Frances Ching!) Now, Abigael is a 3rd year Architecture student at Hammons School of Architecture at Drury University. After working on a project in her studio class with Benjamin Hall, he offered her the opportunity to work with the For Burkina team. Working as a versatile team member, Abigael takes on whatever tasks are needed of her - whether that is researching the local culture in Burkina Faso or running social media sites. She continues to be involved with the team and community, striving to get involved in any way she can, always brainstorming the best way to project the For Burkina mission. 

Abigael hopes to be able to travel to Burkina Faso in the Spring of 2015 with the other For Burkina team members. You can support Abigael on her trip to Burkina Faso by visiting her fundraising page: https://act.buildon.org/ForBurkinaAbigael. Feel free to contact Abigael by e-mail at weller.aa@gmail.com for any comments, questions, or concerns.